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The 1st Eastern Africa Agroecology Conference will be having a variety of exhibitors during the 3 main days of the conference from 21st to 23rd March. This will be a platform giving service providers with an opportunity to network and grow their services. 

The exhibitors will range from farmers, input supplier companies (bio fertilizers and biopesticides), private organic companies selling value added products, organic certification companies, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs, INGOs, and Learning Institutions. 

Products displayed will be strictly organic products or supplies. The exhibitors are allowed to brand their stands with their own exhibition materials. The exhibitors are allowed to sell their products to the delegates.  The personel manning the stands should be registered delegates ($200 USD) 

Venue, duration, opening hours

  1. Venue: Safari Park
  2. Duration: Tue 21 – Thursday 23 March 2023
  3. Opening hours: Tue 14 – Thu 16 February 2023 9:00 –17:00 dail



  • The application must be made using the online application forms issue here. The processing of your application can only begin once all the necessary documents have been submitted.

  • Rental in exhibition halls

  • The exhibitions will be done inside the hall and outside

  • The exhibition size is 3 by 2ft

  • Rates per exhibitor: 500 USD

  • All personel manning up the stands should be registered as the other delegates. Normal delegate registration is $200USD

  • Exhibition stands and tables will be provided by the conference

NB: An exhibitor can only apply for a maximum of 5 exhibitions(5 responses).
incase you need to apply for more contact us via   exhibitions@ea-agroecologyconference.org

Payment condition

  • Any payments are due by the date shown on the respective invoice. Invoices are payable in full. All payments are to be made in USD without charges, quoting invoice number.


  • Exhibitors are obliged to make their own adequate insurance arrangements. Insurance for exhibitors (transport and duration of event) is advisable and can be arranged through a collective insurance contract taken out by the organizer.

Assembly and dismantling, passes

  • Assembly: Monday 20th March 2023 7:00 – 18:00
  • Dismantling: Thursday 23rd from18:00- 20:00
  • Exhibition stands for which assembly has not commenced by 15:00 on Monday 20th
  • March 2023 will be assumed that it won’t be occupied.
  • Dismantling is not permitted before 18:00 on 23rd

Stand design

  • The stand will be of 3 by 2ft in dimensions

Marketing services

  • The exhibitor will be marketed online via the conference link
  • An exhibitor’s booklet will also be published for distribution to the delegates for marketing


  • Applications to exhibit at a fair or exhibition (event) must be made on the official online form, which must be accurately completed. Such an application constitutes a contractual offer to the organizer and cannot be endorsed with conditions and restrictions, particularly with respect to desired stand positions, which do not represent a condition for participation. By sending the online form, the General and Special Conditions for Participation are recognized as binding and included into the contractual offer by the applicant, who is also responsible and liable for adherence to the said conditions by persons employed by him at the event.

Admission/Stand space confirmation

  • Admission of exhibitors and listed exhibits is a matter for the sole discretion of the organizer, who will confirm same in a written or text form stand space confirmation (e.g., e-mail). The contract comes into force on confirmation of admission. Reservations or conditions stipulated in the application are invalid without the written confirmation of the organizer. An exhibitor who has previously failed to settle his financial obligations to the organizer or settle them punctually may be excluded from admission.

Allotment of space, subsequent alteration of stand space

  • The space allotment will be done by the organizer in accordance with the product groups and arrangement of the event concerned and subject to the space available. Siting requests made in the application form will be
    considered as far as possible. Order of receipt of applications will not be the sole deciding factor for allotment of space.
  • The organizer is entitled to subsequently alter the shape, size, dimensions, and position of the stand space allotted to the exhibitor to the extent required for reasons of safety or public order, the more efficient utilization of rooms and areas, or to avoid gaps in the exhibition areas (e.g., due to cancellations) and insofar as such an alteration is reasonably acceptable to the exhibitor. The organizer must immediately notify the exhibitor of the necessity of such a measure and, if possible, offer an equivalent stand space.
  • Exchanging the allotted space with that of another exhibitor or transfer to a third party, even only in part, is not allowed without the permission of the

Joint exhibitors

  • Stand spaces are hired only as complete spaces and only to one contractual partner. Exceptions may be made to this rule, if necessary. If several exhibitors wish to share a stand space, they must name a representative in their application form who is authorized to act on their behalf in negotiations with the organizer.

Withdrawal of application, cancellation of part of stand space

  • If the exhibitor withdraws his application, cancels part of the stand space or does not participate in the event, the organizer is entitled to use the hired stand space or the cancelled part of the space for other purposes and relet to third parties. Any cancellation declarations made by the exhibitor must always be made via online conference website.
  • If the exhibitor possesses no mandatory withdrawal or termination right, he still remains obliged to pay the following cancellation fee on cancellation or partial cancellation after admission has been confirmed: up to 90 days before the start of the event 50%
    • up to 30 days before the start of the event 80% and
    • less than 30 days before the start of the event the full amount of the agreed rental for the cancelled stand space.

Cancellation of admission

The organizer is entitled to cancel confirmation of admission and relet the space elsewhere in the following cases:

  • The stand is obviously not occupied in good time, i.e., at least 12 hours before the official opening of the event.
  • The exhibitor fails to pay the stand rental at the agreed time and allows a period of grace granted by the organizer to lapse without result.
  • An application to commence insolvency proceedings against the exhibitor ‘s assets is lodged or rejected for lack of assets, or insolvency proceedings have already been commenced.
  • The conditions for stand space confirmation are no longer fulfilled by the registered exhibitor or the organizer receives knowledge of grounds which would have justified exclusion if they had been disclosed earlier.
  • The exhibitor infracts the organizer ‘s site regulations

The organizer reserves the right to assert claims for damages in such cases. The exhibitor has no entitlement to claim damages.

Cancellation of rental exhibition stands and other services

  • Once admission has been confirmed, the exhibitor must pay charges even if he withdraws his application or does not exhibit. The organizer also reserves the right to assert claims for damages. If the exhibitor cancels the order for rental exhibition stands and/or other services.

Exclusion of exhibits

  • The organizer is entitled to demand the removal of items which have not been listed in the application form or prove to be dangerous, a cause of annoyance or otherwise unsuitable, or which can be proved to be a violation of industrial property rights. If this demand is not complied with, the said items will be removed by the organizer at the expense of the exhibitor. If a violation of industrial property rights by an exhibitor is proved (e.g., on the grounds of a valid court ruling against the exhibitor), the organizer may exclude the exhibitor from participating in a subsequent event.


  • Advertising of all kinds is allowed only within the stand space rented by the exhibitor for his own firm and only for products and/or services produced or distributed by him, insofar as these have been listed in the application form and admitted.
  • The use of apparatus and equipment to achieve an increased advertising effect by optical and/or acoustic means requires the written consent of the organizer.
  • Advertising outside the stand space rented by the exhibitor is only possible as part of the advertising and sponsoring measures offered by the organizer.
  • Advertising of a political nature is forbidden.

Direct selling

  • Direct selling is allowed of goods that have been accepted to be exhibited
How to register and pay
Once your exhibition has been approved, you can head on to our conference registration platform here, create account if you are a new user and folllow the instructions in this link How to register and pay for exhibitions.

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