#About The Conference

This conference aims to invoke consciousness and motivate regional and continental communities to dialogue how to invest in interventions which can ameliorate the negative impacts of the current unsustainable food systems by transitioning towards more environmentally friendly solutions with long-term vision and planning.

The conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, at Safari Park Hotel from 21st – 24th March 2023 and will include exhibitions, plenary and breakout sessions as well as field excursions to agroecological enterprises. The conference will be a hybrid event comprising in-person attendance and livestreaming for on-line participants.

#About The Conference

Rationale of the Conference

This conference comes after the 1st International Conference on Agroecology Transforming Agriculture & Food Systems in Africa with Theme: Reducing Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides by scaling up Agroecology and Promoting Ecological Organic Trade held from 18th-21st June 2019 in the same hotel in Nairobi organized by BvAT, IFOAM Organics International and World Food Preservation Center® LLC. The conference will provide pportunity to share lessons learned and actions taken so far.

The conference comes up following the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) to share national and regional food systems transformation paths in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda).

The conference provides a platform for key proponents of Agroecology at which discussions and inspirations for dynamic transition towards agroecology-based food systems in terms of production, consumption, and markets can be held by diverse actors

The conference provides opportunity for decision-makers, private and public players to show how food systems can contribute to safe, equitable, resilient, and culturally diverse systems in terms of production, distribution, processing, consumption, farmer organization and markets and demystify the minimalist approach to agroecology.

Build case for a solid role for women and youth in the production of nutritious food by recognizing and engaging them as active partners in sustainable food systems

#About The Conference

Conference Theme

Strengthening Resilience and Sustainability in Food Systems for Environmental and Social-Economic Development.

Shared Vision

Access to sufficient and healthy food for all, produced in a way that respects the environment and provides fair income to producers.

Purpose of the conference

Contributing to the sustainable transformation of food systems towards responsible production, consumption, and markets in Eastern Africa, from farm to plate.

Conference Title

Transforming Food Systems for Responsible Production, Consumption and Green Economy in Eastern Africa

Conference Scope

Food system transformation (including agriculture, nutrition, environment, markets, consumption) through agroecology

Geographic scope: Eastern Africa countries

Expected Outcomes

  1.  Embraced overall food system transformation agenda in Eastern Africa in line with agroecological principles and
  2.  Connected and strengthened ecosystem of organizations and initiatives working towards food system transformation based on agroecology.
  3. Advanced strategies and joint initiatives on key levers for food system transformation (knowledge generation & dissemination, policy reform, market systems development, investments – tbc).
  4.  Enhanced support and implementation of agroecology oriented policies from government institutions and other key stakeholders in the region.

Expected Outputs

  1. Guiding principles and recommendations for food system transformation in Eastern Africa formulated and communicated.
  2.  Successful examples and initiatives that show that agroecology works showcased and amplified.
  3.  Stakeholders informed on key initiatives related to food system transformation in Eastern Africa and synergies identified.
  4. Key challenges occasioned by rapid changes and their impact on people, crops and the environment, and possible mitigation measures identified.
  5. Opportunities for strengthening agroecology agenda and practice identified.
  6. Awareness about the potential of agroecology for sustainable production, consumption and contribution to green economy created.
  7.  Action plans towards enhancing agroecology in the region created.
  8. Conference report, conference resolutions, policy brief (or conference journal). Key elements of the conference declaration will be developed in advance and backed up during the conference.

Conference Sub-themes

Production, productivity, scaling up and sustainability of farming systems based on environmentally friendly technologies and methodologies

It is increasingly recognized that food systems in Eastern Africa, as well as Africa in general, are not sustainable in their status; they contribute to carbon emissions and continue to contribute to the loss of biodiversity...

Best practices towards food security, nutrition, consumption, and health: Soil health and farmer managed seed systems

Best practices in addressing food and nutrition insecurity including policy, systems and environmental change strategies required by diverse stakeholders to implement are urgently needed now than ever to avert large-scale future shortages.

Women and Youth in agroecology

Rural women are the backbone of agriculture and food security in most developing countries. Comprising 43 percent of the global agricultural labour force, women play a crucial part in all levels of global food production...

Ecological organic trade, markets, and economy

Organic trade is rapidly growing globally. This demonstrates that organic products are moving from the “niche” space to mainstream markets...

Institutional and policy drivers for agroecology transformations

Globally, there is an increasing shift to overhaul and integrate policies affecting food by bringing together different actors to build common long-term goals and strategies around food policies.

Financing agroecological transformations

Agro-ecological transformations require changes in what is produced and how it is produced, processed, transported and consumed...

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