Brackenhurst (Limuru)

Brackenhurst (Limuru)

The farm is located in Limuru in more than 70 heactes forest land. The farm under cultivated by forest food is one acre. Two plated forests with 120,000 indigenous trees whispering forest and hidden forest. They supplier foods to different supplier & traders and their hotel

key Features

  • Uses woodchips as fertilizer
  • Use of wild bananas to conserve water keep moisture in the farm
  • Agroforestry Integrated crops and trees
  • Garden for flowers
  • Practice Mulching
  • Birds biodiversity
  • Use of Drip Irrigation
  • Nursery for indigenous trees
  • Trainings for nursery operators and farmers

Learning Points

  • Compost manure conservation
  • Use of herbs for pest control
  • Seed bank conservation
  • Seedlings nursery

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