Step by step  How to apply for side event

This article will show organizers of side events  how to apply for side events 

The first step is logging into the Ex Ordo system.  Enter your email address, your first and last name as well as a good password you can remember. After which it will take you to the dashboard.

Your Dashboard

Find your Submit card on your dashboard and select Submit Your Abstract Now to begin the process.


Submission Workflow

You will then be brought into the workflow to submit your material. Along the left-hand side, you will see all the steps in the workflow. This outlines the upcoming steps and their status. Red means incomplete and green means complete. As we continue through the submission process we’ll begin to see the red dots changing to green, like the image below. At the end of this submission process, all of the dots will be colored green. 

Guide for organizers of side events

Here you will see what information the conference organisers have given you in terms of what your submission should include, as well as other details. If you have any confusion about the requirements, you can contact the conference organizers from the dashboard.

Once you have read over the Guide for Organizers and think you’re ready to start submitting application, click on Skip: Start Workflow. If this feature is activated, this will bring you to the Track step.

Step 1) Tracks

In this step since you are applying for side events, you will click on side events (see below) and then you click the next 

Step 2) Format

The next step is the Format step. You will select side events also 
When you’re done, click on Done : Go To The Next Step.

Step 3) Side event title

Here you type the title of your side event and add a brief detailed description in the introduction box, including all organizing partners, the thematic focus, speakers and potential contribution to the Ocean Conference,  The other abstract boxes  you can put N/A. 

You can also use tools such as bold, italics and underline, among a selection of others.  
Once you’re happy with your title and abstract, click on Done: Go To The Next Step.

Step 3) Authors

In this step you will add the list of all your speakers and your organization 
You may be asked at the top of the page, Is this a student submission?. ignore it and click NO

The next step is to input the speakers details. Here you’ll need to type in the speakers prefix, first name, surname, email address, organisation or association and country in their corresponding boxes.

You can add as many as you have  and edit them here

Speakers can also be re-arranged in their order. This is done by picking up the author’s tile and moving it above, or below another authors tile. Alternatively, you can use the Re-Order option on the right hand side of the page. Click Done: Go To The Next Step, when finished. This will bring you to the Biography page. 

In this setion you will fill in a short biography of you organization.  Click Done: Go To The Next Step, when finished. This will bring you to the Topics page. 

5) Topic Choice

Here, choose which sub theme is related to your side event 

Select atleast one 

Click Done: Go To The Next Step, when finished. This will bring you to the Additional information. 

6) Additional Information

Ignore this section for student Id section and click done to go next to For side events only 

In this section make sure you fill all the questions listed there as follows,

Room capacity

your preferred date and times ( based on the options stated, rewrite them on the box below as they are.

Equipments and services

and upload your e signature in pdf form 


Once you’re happy with your submission, click on Done: Save Submission. You will then be brought to your submission overview page. You and co-authors will also receive an email receipt.

And Voila! Your Application has been submitted! You will now have a new card on your dashboard for My Submissions. after that you can head to registrations to register and pay for side events. remember side events cost $3000 dollars

For more guidelines for organizers of side events

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