The Grow Biointensive Agriculture Center of Kenya, demonstrates, trains and promotes GROW BIOINTENSIVE AGRICULTURE methods and other appropriate community development techniques for sustainability among small-scale farm holders in Central, Eastern, and Nairobi Provinces in Kenya.

It is designed model farm for small-scale farm holders. The center has over 160 double-dug beds, all planted with different types of food crops, organically grown. Soil fertility is continuously improved and maintained through the use of composted bio-matter from the center’s gardens. There are also chickens, rabbits, dairy goats and an apiary. G-BIACK center staff trains small-scale farmers on sustainable ways and methods of increased food production both at our site, and through outreach to communities

The farm is located at the route to Thika town, which is about 40 kilometers north of the city of Nairobi. They are located 10 km east of Thika town along the Thika – Garissa road (A3).

key Features

  • One and half acres land under cultivation
  • Purely Organic farm
  • Tree seedings propagation
  • Tea Manure making
  • Vermi culture composting
  • Many enterprises

Learning Points

  • Largescale organic farming
  • Grow Biointensive Agriculture (GBIA)practices
  • Livestock integration
  • Water harvesting
  • Food preservation
  • Use of raise bed technology
  • Income Generation

For more about G-BIACK visit http://www.g-biack.org/

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