Charles Mawia Farm in (Machakos)


Charles Mawia a primary school teacher owns the farm. His journey to organic agriculture started when he expressed his passion and interest to have his  backyard into  a thriving food forest. He had an engaging conversation with one of the extension officer in Biovision Africa Trust who trained him more on vertical kitchen gardens. The extension officer made the idea so easy to adopt as he explained  to Charles that he needed was recycled tryes and bags and the knowledge of intercropping variety of crops and plant using climate smart technologies.

The farm is located in Machakos county. One and half hours’ drive from the city

key Features

  • Half acres land under cultivation
  • Purely organic
  • Fruit tree nursery
  • Natural pest control(plant extracts,traps,bio-pestcides
  • Reclying of tyres to be used in the farming
  • Use liquid fertilizers
  • Conical gardens

Learning Points

  • Herbs/indigenous vegetable production
  • Innovative Technologies (Contatiners,Zai pit,multi storey/conical garden
  • Peri-urban farming-utilization of small space for food production
  • Small animal production (rabbits, poultry, sheep, dairy goat)
  • Water conservation
  • Making of plant extracts
  • Azola production
  • Composting

For more information about the farm read: Article in the Standard News paper (September 10 2022), Article on TOF magazine issue no:206


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